Conference topics

1.      The identity of “BIBFRAME”, terms and applications.

2.      Comparison between MARC 21 and “BIBFRAME”.

3.      The future of cataloging within RDA and “BIBFRAME”.

4.      The current situation of MARC in Egyptian and Arabic library, and challenges of conversion to “BIBFRAME”.

5.      Linked data as a platform of “BIBFRAME”.

6.      Effects of “BIBFRAME” on information library systems (ILS).

7.      Information search and retrieval within “BIBFRAME” implementation.

8.      How Arabic libraries can be ready for “BIBFRAME”.

9.      Relation between “BIBFRAME” and standard identifiers (DOI, ISNI, ICSI, ARK)

10.  “BIBFRAME” and its relation to metadata and data models (RDF, EDM)